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The internet contains masses of useful information, mostly free, for investors. But even with a search engine it is not always easy to find what you desire and there is no filtering by quality using such systems. This page and the associated ones aims to recommend those sites that we know are useful and are certainly worth looking at. Obviously there is considerable overlap between some of them, and we don’t claim to cover all relevant sites (if you know of others you can recommend, please advise). ShareSoc is not responsible for the operation of any web sites reached via these links, and provides no warranty as to the accuracy or quality of the information or services provided therein. If any links fail repeatedly then please let us know so that we can correct them.

Some of these links will include paid for services. But we generally do not cover stockbroking services, IFAs, mutual funds, insurance companies, banking services and other similar commercial services. The emphasis here is on free or low cost information services and public bodies or other institutions that may support investors and which have a good reputation. We exclude bulletin boards that are not adequately monitored for abuse or services with poor privacy policies.

The links are grouped under the headings below, but are in no particular order within each group. Click on the name to go to the relevant web page.

Stock Market Information and General News Services

London Stock Exchange - Provides lots of share price and company information (including links to company web sites). Also provide Level 2 data and other information services via Proquote - see

Stockopedia - Background information on companies including very comprehensive financial information, a powerful stock screening service and discussion boards (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).

Company Refs - Comprehensive financial and other information on companies and stock selection tools, originally devised by Jim Slater (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).

Digital Look - a site of fundamental company information, share prices, trading data and other tools.

MoneyAm - another comprehensive source of company information, share prices, etc. Has links to Shares Magazine mentioned below.

Investegate - A source of RNS announcements (you can set up email alerts for selected companies). Also contains a useful list of future events (e.g. Company announcements and meetings in the coming week) - see the bottom right of their web pages.

Citywire - Good for financial news (including regular news bulletins via email).

Morningstar - A wide range of company fundamentals and share price information although some is chargeable (formerly called Hemscott).

Investors Chronicle - Publish weekly magazine giving financial commentary, background information on companies and tips and there is a lot of additional information and services on-line also e.g. stock-screening.

Financial Times - Publish a daily newspaper and their web site is a good source of general financial news and company information.

BBC Business - General financial news, market data and company information.

Fat Prophets - Provide company analysis and recommendations.

Interactive Investor - Company information and discussion boards.

Dividend Income Investor - focuses on dividend paying stock recommendations.

UK Value Investor - A blog and subscription newsletter that promotes value investing in income and growth stocks (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).  

Research-Tree  - Provides access to the latest investment research for private investors  (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).

There are also many paper publications (although they generally have their own web sites also now) such as Shares Magazine, Investing for Growth (IfG), Sharewatch, Momentum Investor, TechInvest, Growth Company Investor, etc - some of these focus on smaller companies.

Portfolio Management Products/Services

Note that many of the web sites listed above include basic portfolio maintenance and those listed below provide a lot of news and fundamental company information so there is considerable overlap between them. Stockbrokers also often provide portfolio services for trades done through them.

Sharescope and Sharepad - Comprehensive portfolio management and information service (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).

InvestorEase - A very low cost product in comparison with the above but still quite comprehensive. UK stocks only.

Timetotrade - Provides CGT calculations, portfolio management and automated testing of trading strategies. Also provides tools for investment clubs (** a Special Offer is available to ShareSoc Members on this service - see Member-Offers for details **).   

Smaller Companies/AIM/VCTs/EIS Information

Growth Company Investor - Publish newsletter on small cap companies.

Investors Champion - objective and incisive commentaries on smaller quoted companies. Also provide a way to review the Inheritance Tax relief status of AIM companies.

NEX Exchange - Operate exchange for small “unlisted” companies (formerly ISDX and previously PLUS-SX).

Asset Match  (including the former Sharemark) - Operate exchange for private (unlisted) companies on an “auction” basis

Angel News - Newsletter for business angels and small cap investors.

Tax Efficient Review - Information on VCT and EIS funds including performance data and valuations (subscription service).

Government/Corporate Bonds and other Fixed Interest Investments

Debt Management Office - Site if you want to buy/sell Gilts directly rather than through a stockbroker.

National Savings & Investments - Government savings offerings.

Fixed Income Investments - site providing information on bonds, preference shares and PIBs.

Investment Trusts, OEICs, ETFs, Unit Trusts, Other Funds

AIC - Association of Investment Companies - trade body for investment trusts (closed end funds).

Trustnet - an invaluable site for historic performance data for all kinds of funds

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Companies House - Company registration information and filed accounts.

FCA - Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA). Regulator for all financial institutions. Also sets the UK listing rules for full listed stock exchange companies.

Bank of England - Regulator for banks in addition to the above and controls national financial policies.

Takeover Panel - Responsible for takeover rules.

Euroclear - provides clearing services (e.g. Crest).

Financial Ombudsman - consumer complaint handling for financial services.

FRC - Financial Reporting Council - publish Combined Code of Corporate Governance and incorporate the Accounting Standards Board.

HMRC - HM Revenue & Customs for tax information (see particularly for nil value capital gains tax list).

BEIS - Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (formerly BIS Dept., or the DTI as it used to be).

SFO - Serious Fraud Office - for when you have a major problem.

Professional, trade and other bodies

Better Finance (formerly EuroInvestors and EuroFinuse) - the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users which represents financial consumers at the European level (ShareSoc is a member).

WFIC - The World Federation of Investors Corporations supports national investment associations (ShareSoc is a member).

STA - Society of Technical Analysts.

CFA - Professional body for Chartered Financial Analysts.

IOD - Institute of Directors - represents all company directors and provides facilities and services to support them.

WMA - The Wealth Management Association of Stockbrokers and Wealth Managers (formerly called APCIMS). Trade body for such organisations - they can provide information on brokers if you are looking for one.

ICSA - Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators - professional body for company secretaries.

ABI - Association of British Insurers - represents insurance companies and produces their own corporate governance and remuneration guidelines.

NAPF - National Association of Pension Funds - represent pension funds and also produce corporate governance and remuneration guidelines.

IMA - Investment Management Association - trade body for fund managers.

BVCA - British Venture Capital Association - trade body for private equity and venture capital investors. Set guidelines for valuing unlisted companies.


UAR - Unclaimed Asset Register - for when you have lost track of financial assets.

ShareGift - for when you want to dispose of small shareholdings.

Google Currency Converter - a good site for foreign currency rates, so long as you avoid speculating in them.

Harriman House - Specialist book shop for investment books and finance.

Taxback - A site that helps you claim back foreign withholding taxes.

PIRC - Provide corporate governance service and advice.

Manifest - Corporate governance advisory body and proxy voting service.


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