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There are lots of sources of financial and stock market information in the UK, much of it free (see the Links section for some of the better sources). We don’t attempt to cover the same ground, but concentrate on news that is particularly relevant to individual shareholders. The interests of private shareholders may differ from the wider financial community, and it is easy for news that is relevant to you to be lost in the welter of information from the general media.

In addition, there are often complex issues such as changes to the legal and regulatory environment that need explaining to shareholders. Even the main financial press often does a poor job of communicating the likely impact of proposals to the wider public.

News on smaller companies, and those in difficulties or where there are governance issues are often overlooked by the mainstream press, and we try to cover those also.

To be useful, information has to be both timely and relevant. That is what we aim to provide. We do this via newsletters, via coverage on this web site and by a number of other channels such as our blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You can sign up to start receiving our newsletters free of charge by becoming an Associate Member - see Membership .

If you are interested in a particular topic or company, but cannot find any reference to it quickly, then don’t forget to use the site search facility at the top of every page to find what you are looking for.

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Do you have news that you think is relevant to private shareholders?

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